Part 1: Bhezie is here in the Philippines + Little Story + Letter to Bhezie

I want to share to you guys how sweet, kind, generous, pretty, my best friend is  and I think all of  the good attitudes is on her na! haha If you follow me quite some time now you already knew that my best friend is here last month, she is here for 5 days only so her schedule is totally jam-pack as in lack of sleep and rest haha but I think it was all worth it.
1st stop, riding a PNR or a train, we go to her mom, we go to duty free and she ate her favorite palabok in jolibee. Its so fun Thanks bhe! for the goods haha! sosyal ang grocery namen from duty free pa!.

2nd stop, we go to Villa escudero it was fun and i really love the place.
3rd stop, after Villa escudero (same day) we go to spa and it was so relaxing we avail the promo package and it was so good!.
4th stop, (same day) after villa escudero and spa, in our house. These two super big boxes is just for us! gosh! I didnt expect this balik bayan boxes! Actually, we pick it up in the warehouse kasi naman nauna pa si bhezie sa box na to tsk tsk! pero super shocking nuh?.
5th stop, Pagod kame at antok LOL! actually si bhezie lang! ginaya ko lang sya haha peace! we go to her mom again, we ate and meet some of her friends and relatives.
6th stop, we attend the Sunday service and it was also the birthday celebration of our bel. hon. pastor.
7th stop, Airport!!! before returning to Canada, bhezie is going to Cambodia first to see her Ate's and Kuya's but ofcourse we ate again in jolibee LOL!
I just want to tell a little story about how we meet; we’ve been friends for how many years I think I was in grade school that time grade 2 to be exact. 17 years of friendship starts on my clumsy days, it was a Friday night and that’s our overnight prayer and I’m a children’s choir that time. I’m going to our practice I was late that time and the door was lock and I was knocking all the time but I think the children inside doesn’t hear me because they were busy in playing haha so I use to place my face on the doorknob because it haves a hole then there was a kiddo who opens it and plang!!! He hits my forehead and I fell in the floor then that time Apol was there she saw me fell and crying, she helps me to stand up but that time I didn’t even saw her face because my concern is my forehead haha bad me! But the next meeting is a totally friendship, I will tell this now lang! The first time I saw her, she was playing jack stone and I was in love to her ring watch oh? Should I say I was envy that time to her ring watch haha! You know the kikayness! And until now even when she was base in Cambodia and now in Canada our friendship last forever!


P.s These are the few photos that we took on our jam-pack happenings because its so hard to upload all the pictures we have because my internet is not good as of now LOL! but I think you knew guys that we had a lots of fun right?

Dear Bhezie,


 I’m happy because you are my friend God is so good because he knows what I need, he knows that I need a strong friend like you because sometimes I’m too weak but you are there for me every time I need the most. I thank God because you are one of the people or an instrument that he uses to give some blessings to our family. We our very grateful to have you in our life, and I hope God will bless you more and more. Thanks thanks thanks alam ko magagalit ka nanaman sa kaka thank you ko! Pero bhe! Sobrang saya ko! I was so lucky to have you! You are one of a kind! Kaya naman pinapray ko na makatagpo ka ng taong magmamahal sayo ng mas higit sa pagmamahal mo ung hindi ka aabusuhin at lolokohin, dahil mahal na mahal ka namen!


I love you very much bhe !♥♥♥ Thank you again and again!


  1. awww. such a sweet post! :)
    anyway, i have an on-going giveaway ate sasa! i hope you can join and be the winner! http://raellarina.blogspot.com/2013/07/international-birthday-giveaway-with.html


  2. Such a sweet post, am so happy you have a friend like her :)) xx


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