What's in my Make-up kit?

Hi Guys how your day? Mine was so busy harsh! Nakalimutan ko nan gang mag blog eh at minsan tinatamad na ako I’m sorry for being a lazy blogger hehe

So what now? I want to share to you guys what inside on my makeup kit. I’m just a simple gal with a simple make up too, I just have a Liquid Eye liner from Avon, Eyebrow from Avon too,  2 way cake foundation from In 2 It, Lip & Cheek Tint from Body Shop, Brush, and my Baby Cologne and that’s it pancit. All this makeup is all I need every day did you notice that I don’t have mascara there? Hehe its just because I’m so lazy to put some mascara sometimes in the morning LOL!

And this post is a super super quick post because I need to rest because I need to go in the gym early in the morning and take note it’s my 5th day going in the gym and I hope I will get fit after one month haha how I wish! Maging Kim Chiu ang body akesh! LOL!

Oh sya Night Pips! Mwah!

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