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Name: Queenly Tan

Country: Philippines

Blog: Smize with Style - www.queenlytan.blogspot.com

About: Smize with Style is a personal style blog of Queenly Tan. She happily shares her living addiction through this blog, her personal style of dressing up in her own simple and little ways. Queenly also shares tips mostly on how to dress up with bargained and sometimes thrifted clothes she sees inside her mom's closet. Never underestimate cheap clothes as they also look good when worn well, as she says. Music also plays a big part of her passion and so she mostly shares her outfit inspired too from music videos she loved and song covers are also up on her blog. Come and join her in exploring more on her sartorial trip with smizing! :)

(this photo credits to Smize with Style)

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  1. Great post! I'm your new follower. I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! Kisses from VV!!

  2. she's adorable!! love checking out new blogs :)

    xx james

  3. Yay! I shared it na on socials! thanks! =)) Keep in touch girl <3


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