How to DIY your shirt quick as 5 minutes?

Last election 2013 was so hot and yes this post was so late I'm sorry! mabalik tayo, so after taking a bath I decided to DIY my shirt, quick as 5 minutes only.

1. Make sure you flat perfectly you shirt, so that you know the right alignment
2. Then fold your shirt sidewards
3. Cut strands following a diagonal line
4. You can cut it even its not perfect like mine, and then stretch it! YOUR DONE!
I want to share to you guys where we vote last election. We vote in my school when I was in elementary, this was an old school before but now everything has change ibang iba sa kinagisnan ko.

My Mom, Nanay Gloria (she is like a Lola to me) and Me
After voting!
Its afternoon that time and yet there are still many people voting

You know what before the stage is not located in that area its in the front that area before is our science room

This is the room today but before its just a have a wooden window, I'm so happy its renovated already
Speaking of school, Ive been a teacher to this lovely  kids before but that was only a play play hehe!

This street was our place before when we are living in Tondo. I'm with Neo, Lee, Sep
Neo, Sep, (Actually, Neo and Sep were sister their name is similar to medicine LOL!) Lee, Day-day and Me again!
 Have a great day babes! Mwah!


  1. wow, beautiful diy! I'll try for sure!


  2. that shirt D.i.y is very cool and fun to do. . .<3



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