Haul for this Month

Actually I’m not the kind of person who buy things thru net because I’m scared so if one of my friend bought something and it’s been delivered that the only time I believed that is true and not bogus. One of my friend bought a watch and I really love it because it’s only P350.00 inclusive of delivery charge, you can buy this watch thru Instagram (I’m’ sorry if I forgot the Store name!) I think, I already told you guys that I’m in a diet and I also going to gym, Sometimes I want to use different rubber shoes or running shoes for my everyday work out so I tried this shoes from Board walk and its good, its soft and comfortable to wear.  Then I’m looking for a transparent bag and I just saw this bag from Dakki, its good too! Good for rainy days hehe. I actually I love to go to mall to find good things but I have no time for it, good thing I have friends who sells and knows this good things.

How about you? do you try to buy thru net or sa mga Avon, Board walk, Natasha, Dakki, etc.? kasi ako I tried all of them ok naman! Suki nga nila ako eh hahha!

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