DAISO japan store

I’m a shopper who just loves a product that is a low price. I want to share to you guy’s one of my favourite store. Daiso japan store which is selling product for as low as P66 – 88 only and everytime I go there I love to shop everything in that store LOL! Because they got it all for me and for you, they have everything I need and for dog too hehe. I always buy a conditioner and a lotion there and its only P88.00 only so cheap right? I usually love to use conditioner from Daiso because it’s so big kasi haha because everytime I take a bath I’m the kind of person who use a large amount of conditioner because my hair is partly damage already haha.

I’m the kind of person who wants to try all the products around me and I’m not scared to do it of course! Here are the products I bought recently.

Shampoo for my Baby Dog Barbie

Toy for Barbie, because she loves to bite everything in our house harsh!
Shampoo for me!
Conditioner too!
I use this body soap after exercise and sometimes when I'm going out of town.
Alpha land Mall, Daiso japan store branch
For me this products is absolutely good as I use it I never encountered any allergies or what haha! (If you to ask me ok!?

I usually go to their branch store at the Alpha Land Mall, because it’s near in our office but of course they have many branches and it’s usually in the malls. How about you guys? Do you buy one of their products or just simply visit it? Let me know what your favourite to buy there!

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