The Send Share Style Spread Shout out for you!!!

I know all you guys wants to be feature in many sites and I hope you want to be feature here on my blog too hehe! I notice that few of my readers send me a picture that is not on my month challenge maybe because you have no fringe cardigan? (For this month challenge)  The reason why I really want to feature girls or guys here on my blog because I want you guys to share it and to inspire many of our readers and bloggers out there. So guys, if you’re really want to share your look here but not on my months challenge its ok! There’s no problem with that, you can send it right now! But still I will do a post for a month challenge.

So again, if you really want to share your look here you can send it to me!!! Even it’s not on my challenge because I love to spread it to inspire many! You are all welcome!

Thank you for the support! Love you guys!

Send it HERE!


  1. Hello thanks for your comment on my post on After Earth with Will and Jaden Smith. Hope you liked it. I’d love to follow each other so just waiting for you to follow me back on bloglovin’ and GFC. I have a new facebook page too:

    Thanks, Sarah x



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