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Name: Ms. Rae Abigael Caacbay

Country: Philippines
Blog: The Ballerina on Fire raellarina.blogspot.com
About: 19 years of existence. Ballerina, Painter, Interior Design Student, Fangirl, & married to food. I'm a dreamer with a bookcase for a heart who likes to wander around to find dreams and memories lost at sea. I like to observe people. I like to stare at the moon for a few minutes then wish upon a star. I like pretty notebooks, dried flowers and marshmallows. My home lies deep in the Philippine forests. My blog is about fashion, arts, interior design, DIYs, my life on stage, and my daydreams.
Outfit credits: Vintage dress and socks, Thrifted blazer, J.Jill shoes, DIY Wrap-around headband and ring from my friend Trishie

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