Touch of chita

I’m still in love with animal prints, color blocking and galaxy and etc. I can’t get over with those prints well I know I’m not the only one who loves them right? I wore this outfit last Sunday, and if you’re following me quite some time you know that I wear white top every Sunday but even thou I wear white most of the time it’s not a big deal for me because all of my white tops are different In their own style and prints just like this white polo, do you know that my mom just bought it to the thrift shop? Yeah! Isn’t amazing that you can buy this there? Haha! We’ll all my thanks to my mom who has a long patient in finding unique clothes and of course she helps me to take these photos *clap clap  and one thing that Sunday I don’t have any plan what  to wear that time but luckily I have stuff which has the same prints as in *it’s true!, I just ask my mom what to wear and she prepare it then I just pair it to my long skirt which is bought also in the thrift shop, clutch bag for P150.00 only I bought it in the mall and its super duper bargain sale, belt from DressMeUpShop this is just a P100.00 only then my old and super love platform from Anyas Collection its only P700.00 only. All this stuff is just a cheap one compare to the others but I love all of it because it’s not the amount, tag, or where you buy your clothes the most important is you know how to carry yourself with those cheap stuff to make your look expensive lol

What do you think on my look?


  1. nice blog you got here Sasa. I love your skirt. Btw, thanks for dropping by on my blog. followed you via gfc.

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    Love, Maria

  2. Love your look today! so lovely

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    XX, IamJenniya

  4. Wow, this is by far my favorite outfit from you. The top is gorgeous! I love your clutch and your shoes! :)



  5. Leopard print is always fabulous. :)

    Ruth x


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  9. You got a pretty classic top! :)
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