Tips 101: Usana & MAry Kay

Hi Rae, I just saw your comment on my last post and I’m so kilig to the max when you said those sweet words ay grabe! Lol O.A lang! Actually Rae you don’t need to feel envy with me because the truth is my skin is so sensitive too and I have also pimples on my face it’s just I have products that I use to help my face to prevent all the dirt’s, black heads and pimples. These products is so helpful for the sensitive skin like me, first these Usana Sense products they have cleanser, toner and day & night moisturizer these products really helps me when I have so many pimples on my face as in tumatambling ako ng bongga! And you know what where did I get those pimples? In a spa and facial salon it’s along Quezon Ave, and I don’t want to mention the name na! hindi parin ako maka get over sa ginawa nun sakin until now haha! Well thanks god there’s usana products to help me to take away all of it but of course its gradual you need to wait for 8 weeks to see the result you need to have long a patience tiis ganda lang! And you know what guys these products are absolutely safe you can TASTE it if you want. While waiting for it of course there’s always a scar after wards so there’s Mary Kay makeups to help me to hide all of it thou it’s not a deep scar it really helps me to see the real me before I got those pimples. After I had a pimple my face got so sensitive so I really need to use make up for sensitive skin, yes babes! Mary Kay is for sensitive skin it’s hypoallergenic. First I really don’t want to use any make up because it’s so itchy but when my colleague introduce it to me and give me a free trial I just thought it was so perfect for me.

Hmmm… I hope Rae I answered your question and I really hope it will help you a lot and soon I will share to you what picture editor  and camera effects I use to my phone to make my face looks so soft!


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