Little style of ombre

I love to wear clothes that have there on unique style it makes me burst when I saw it, so when I saw this blazer to my mom I ask her that I really want to borrow it even just for a second haha lol J she bought it on her favourite thrift store yeah! That thrift store rocks! They always make me burst in happiness haha! 

To keep the details insight I paired plain sleeve less, a straight cut skirt, brown belt and a thigh up platform from Parisian shoes.

As you can see, I’m in the office and I wore like this in the office haha! And that girl? She is Ate Monique one of my closest colleague, when Papang needs to go in the site to work there I ask MonMon to take a picture of me with her Ipoood! Yes she is my substitute when Papang is not there for me huhu L Thank you MonMon! Mwah!

What do you think on my look?


  1. ohhh i love this jacket so much! just great :)

    very nice blog by the way ;)
    kisses from Russia,



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