I wore this outfit last year and I think it was November, I know it was too late to post right haha and even my last outfit post “Sweet Child” is also a late post and some of my post this coming days is my super duper late post and I really really do sorry for that babe’s. November and December 2012 was so busy months for me because all the events and occasion are all in to those months, because I use to dance in our presentation for our department Christmas party and on our corporate Christmas party, as in super hectic ang sched ko whole day, I also hosted our dept. Christmas party and a debut at Fami laguna (province), I also attend the Christmas party of papang’s dept.

I just have no time to blog that time but I don’t forget to have an outfit post to share to you guys after that busy months. Syempre naman hindi ko un makakalimutan hehe

 While being busy on those stuff’s, I get the chance to have a diet to make more fit on our presentation sayang naman kasi ang costumes kapag bumakat ang bilbil ko diba? Thanks god because usana nutrimeal was been my saviour to reach my goal pero syempre after the presentation nandyan ang temptation na bumawe ng pagkain kasi naman pasko at new year diba? Hehe aun bumalik din ang taba ko after.  
My Nutrimeal and My Healthy food to be fit

About this outfit naman, I just wore this on one of my lazy day because I usually got home late at night and there is no time to prepare or to choose when I woke up because it was to late for me to that, so I just wore this simple but girly outfit.

What do you think on my look?

What do you think on my look?

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