Details in Curly Tops

As I told you on my last post I decided to change my hairstyle, straight hair to curly tops. I done this before during my college days because my hair is so thin and straight but now my only reason to change my hair is just because I saw my little baby Lee on her fabulous curly hair I feel so envy with her so I ask her where is that salon so I can go there, yes agad agad lang ang peg ko! That time, no time for thinking twice lol! And you know what guys? I was amaze when I ask how much is it, Lee said that hers is P400.00 only because her hair is so virgin in all stuffs but mines not, so Ă‘ora the hairstylist told me that mine’s will cost P800.00 only I was so happy to know that because my first curly hair cost P1, 900.00 and that time my hair is virgin too, so pasok na pasok sa budget because that P800.00 is with treatment na bongels diba? So if you’re asking me if my hair is ok with that cheap price my answer is yes and I’m super satisfied with it.

You know what guys?! This cover up is only P150.00 then I pair it to my old inner top, old belt from Boracay Island, thrift bottom and sweet skull platform from Anya’s Collection for only P450.00 

What do you think on my look? Do I look like natives? lol


  1. I'm seriously loving this outfit! That skirt is sooo unique and cute!



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