I know it was too late for this outfit post because I wore this dazzling gown last December on our Christmas party in Century park hotel. This gown is an eye dropping right?  And take note, I only just rented it in Femias Boutique it was owned by our church mate and she gave me a discount and you wouldn’t believe me if I tell you how much it is because she gave me a price  for only P350.00  yes! a P350.00 can make you roll in the hi-way loland you cannot find this gown in that price in the mall because I was seeking for this gown but I can’t find it, so Mommy Femi was been my saviour thru all the years when I really need a fabulous gown and which is really suit to my budget haha I use to pair it on my fabulous platform from Anya’s Collection for only P500.00, clutch bag P250.00 and arm accessory P80.00 bongels diba?

Being a fashion lover, I also love to buy clothes which are suit to my budget because I believe you can buy cheap clothes by making you’re look an expensive one right?! Same as you don’t need to be rich to be fashionable. Later on my next post I will share to you guys my new favourite book which is helping me on how to budget my savings. 

What do you think on my look? Babe?


  1. Love your look!! Youre adorable dear!!
    kisses and have nice day

  2. SO GORGEOUS!!! I wish I had a formal event to get dressed up for one day.

    following now via GFC dear =)



  3. stunning dress!!
    wanna follow each other?? leave me a comment if you like to, and i'll follow you back:)


  4. "Sparkling" doesn't do this dress justice! Lovely!


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