Tips 101: Eyebrow

Hi Tinkerbelle wave and Hello fashionista, I’m here answering the question of Tinkerbelle and I was so happy that someone like her noticing my eyebrows lol Actually Tinkerbelle your just one of the few person sees my eyebrow is in good in shape but some don’t because it’s so thick raw! And sometimes my hands are not in the condition to shape or to do it well hahaThen when I saw this question I don’t know what tip I should say to you. 

So I think the first thing that you must know is how to draw oh! Don’t laugh at me ok because that is so important, to tell you the truth my eyebrow looks like Wolverine of X-Men and I know some of you knows him so being a girl it’s a big problem so I need to pluck my eyebrow to be more thinner and it’s like an 30 minutes for me to do it. Second, I usually admire the person who has a good eyebrow so I used to reshape my eyebrow just like her. Then the third is you must use your favorite eyebrow pencil, mines is from Avon as you can see I choose the shade of dark brown but when you use it on me, it’ looks like a light brown so that the thing I really want in this eyebrow pencil its not to dark when I use it, for me this kind of shade makes me more lighter but I think not all brand use to be like this shade when you use it so you better test it first. 

Omagosh! I’m so tense when making tips but I’m pretty sure when you try this eyebrow you won’t kill me haha because it’s only a 200 plus or just a 100 plus so no need to regret after buying it when you don’t like it haha lol anu ba tong sinasaveh ko! Oh sya! Try mo ha!? Thanks again! 


  1. Some great tips! Thanks for your comment, yes lets follow each other! I have started following you :)


  2. hmmm... i might try this brow pencil. Thanks for the post.

    by the way you have a new follower. Mind to follow back?


  3. Hi Sasa! :)

    cool that you did a new post just to answer my query..anyway, i do have problems with the right shade..

    this would be helpful though..laveet! ;)


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