Little Girly

Do I look a little girl or a teenager here? Lol I’m 24 years old now but 16th at heart.

I always find myself as a little girl who loves to play and to sleep after that, but things has change I go to work everyday, I always wake up at 6:00am then my work starts at 8:00am-6:00pm but sometimes when I have something to do I need to extend my working hours so I used to go home at 10:00 and I must go to sleep at 11:00pm so that I will not be late on the next day. These efforts are worth to do in life, because you will say to yourself that you are one of the people who are fortunate to sleep tired on something meaningful. Okay! Stop with the dramatic scenes, I just want you to cherish things that you already have in your life now.

Anyways, I wore an ash lace dress, paired in a black leather belt, adding a black and white wire bunny head band then a wedge black platform.

What do you think on my look?

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  1. Love your dresss, so pretty!!!


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