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Do you still believe in miracle? If no what is the reason? Do you have any problems, like marital problem? Are you sick and the doctor told you that there’s no any way or medicine for you to be heal? Are you a drug addicted and that is the way for you to forget your problems or that’s the way your life is but you want to run away from it but you have no choice to let go? All these sickness, addictions and problems can take away by our dearest loving God. These things are from Satan he let us want to suffer it. Our God is a loving God he doesn’t want you to suffer these entire things because he is our creator, saviour and healer.

While writing this post I let myself searching for a blogger that writing a blog, spreading the word of God and the miracles that happening in the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry then God never fails he let me find thru Google search; Sis. Rina  Peru, I’m so glad to see that someone like her is spreading the good news and she has two blogs; one is personal but still she inspires people thru her testimony (click; Healing Moments) and the second one is the miracle and live testimony of our beloved brethren (click; Minister of Mercy). Thru these blog she testifies how her life and the other brethren change her life and heal their sickness. These blog shows how God put his hand to change lives and healed every sickness who suffers us.

I want to thank that God let our Beloved Pastor Evangelist Wilde Estrada Almeda; the last prophet of God, the brave man, who is the one and the only pastor fights communism (We hate communism but we love communist) and the only man of God with 13 prayer warriors who goes to Talipao, Jolo Sulu for the peace mission to save the sipadan hostages from the Abu Sayyaf who preach the good news, the true gospel of God. With his prayer and fasting my family is one of the fortunate to know the true church of God. Our dearest God change our lives, solve our problems and heal our sickness.

And because God loves you and I love you too, I’m here to invite you to attend our Victorious Talipao Peace Mission as we prays our dearest God for his greatness because he worthy to be praised.

October 07, 2012 Sunday at Amoranto sports complex, Quezon City FREE ADMISSION; You can watch us on TV channel 4 every Saturday at 11:00 pm and you can also watch our live worship every Sunday and Friday thru our website you must sign up to log in, but it’s so easy, (click; jmcim.org) ; Weekly services: Sunday 10:00am to 05:00pm, Wednesday 03:00pm to 08:00pm and Friday overnight service  08:00pm to 04:00am (at Amoranto stadium; Main Church). For more information about our church worship services, venues or location held please do click; CONTACT INFO here only in the Philippines and if you are out of the country you may contact (63-2) 419-3019 or (63-2) 372-9194

We love you and we want you to be save and to be heal but our dearest Jesus Loves you More

Ps. this blog is not only for beauty and fashion. I do this for the lord because he is worthy to be praise


  1. This is wonderful and I agree with you!! It shouldn't be all about things, but the Lord who has blessed us with much!! Amen :) x

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    Followed you :)

    Love your posts on everything :)

    The Misty Mom

  3. Followed you na Sasa babe! :)

    The Misty Mom


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