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Over a month ago I was emailed by Eva Banaz a Fashion Blog Research Coordinator at LookSoup of Looksoup .com after she introduce that site I was so excited to try it. Personally I highly recommended it to all bloggers who love posting their looks on web. Actually at first I thought all fashion sites like this is all the same but no Looksoup is different. In my own experience on the other sites when uploading photos its only limited, it must be one at the time and sometimes you need to tag some kind of stuff as your inspiration but when I use to try looksoup I was amazed because you can upload photos all your photos even numerous of inspirations and looks and it’s so easy to manage because there are no hassle of using it. I was in love at first site in looksoup because there’s no limit in loving for fashion, I was also inspired to their press release when they launch it, being a fashion blogger, and all they instated in that press release is the beginning of sharing the ideas and thoughts thru fashion. After this experience I felt I was so addicted to it so I think it’s time to share it to you, I usually use looksoup every time I have a new inspiration ideas and new outfit look because again it’s so easy to upload new photos and if you love someone that inspires you, you can also like, collect and follow her/him.

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So you bettah try it baby! You will love it too, oh before I forgot please do like my looks there and if have a little kindness please follow me there too xoxo♥♥♥

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  1. I'm heading there now.. Thanks for posting this sis..♥



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