Hi Mr or Ms Anonymous!

Hi to everyone, I just want to thank all of you reading, visiting and following my blog. Actually every morning, I obliged myself to check my email for me to sure that someone’s will brighten my very busy day because I love to read your every comments you leave here on my blog. Last morning, I was so happy that someone leaves a message on my Galaxy post that makes my heart pimp to gladness.

Hi Mr or Ms Anonymous, I just want you to know that I really appreciate what you said, Thank you very much and until now I was so speechless, I don’t know what to say lol I was so happy that someone like you will appreciate my blog and that is a compliment, it Rocks my world!!! Your word is so meaningful to me; it makes me more aggressive to share a post haha and I also want to thank your friend, again thank you for recognising my blog Mwah! And one thing, I hope you leave your name and your friends name too

This industry is like a competition there’s always a Top but we all love to blog and to share what we love to make someone inspired on our own style. Yes I’m one of those but I’m not a competitor, I write a blog to share my own style and thoughts because this is my comfort zone and I know all the people here will understand me because were on the same ground. I love that someone appreciates my little things; in fact I’m in a lower version of personal/fashion blogger and for someone who loves me and appreciates me is an achievement. So to give back the favour, when you followed my blog I also follow back because I know all of us are worthy to follow each other because none of us will write a blog that are non-sense  right? Because all of us just love to share our own looks, thoughts and experience.

So again, Thank you very much guys. I love you mwah!


  1. Hi honey!!!
    I'm a little bit missing cause i'm too busy now but here i am :)! Loved your post!!
    Thanks so much for visit my blog and for your comment! I really appreciate it!!

    Big big kiss!!

  2. That is such a lovely comment!



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