I just want to have a break for my outfit post this time, just only this time babe’s. I’m currently in the middle of sorrow because my uncle died last night from Dengue, Leptospirosis and complication of the lungs. I’m so hang yesterday until today because of what happen as in lutang ako ngaun kaloka! But I keep myself to be ok for what happen and to be stronger for my other family. I know this trial in our family is the will of God thou it hurts but only God knows what is the best for all of us and he is the only one who knows what our destiny will be.

To my cousins Christine and Christian, we are all here to support you guys because we love you be strong. God is there to give us strength all the time

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  1. Hi, condolences to you and your family.

    I know what it feels like losing someone, to death and to some complicated reasons. Hold on to your God, to your family and friends ,and to what makes you happy.

    We experience pain because we have felt so much joy with the person who has left us. The key is letting go. Release the pain,
    the tears, and their memory.

    This too shall pass.
    Cause it will set you free. :)


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