Black leaves

Hi fashionista’s I miss you, it’s been a long time that I haven’t blog post I’m so sorry babes Anyways, I’m here to share my outfit post called “black leaves” it looks like that  all saints day is coming to town right? Thou it’s about two weeks before the holiday come, but I’m so excited for it! Oh? Not to see the ghost or the monster out there but to have a long weekend yippee! Well that’s too long to think from now lol

Actually these clothes are old and not unique at all but this look is one of the comfortable outfits that you may wear when you were in a rush and also it’s good to wear in the office because it’s corporate attire.

I wore a black 3/4 lace top, straight cut bottom, black belt and a 2 inch black platform

What do you think on my look?


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  2. cute skirt!
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    hope that you like it!!!

  3. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. :) thanks Cavalieri.


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