Bad Girl

Are you good enough or you are just being natural to yourself?  

Honestly speaking I’m still in the process of being a good person, let’s face it we all have dark attitude that we don’t want to see of others but sometimes it burst to someone who deserves it right? If I will describe myself facing  the mirror I would say that I’m the kind of person who don’t like the people who are not true and just hiding their true color just to be adore by someone. I really love the people who are true in sense of being honest to their self and to others because this is the reality if you are kind of course someone will like you but most of the times there are true attitudes behind. I want in a person who is true even thou he/she has an attitude for me it’s better to know it first than to be surprise. 

Friendship is one of the most powerful in the world because this is like an ingredient of love, loving of someone and loving back is the most important of all. I’m a loving and loyal friend to the person who are true and not hiding something that someday will destroy your friendship.

Okay! Stop stop… this is just a topic that I wanted to talk about, nothing else but that anyways, I wore this ragged outfit just to be more comfortable and hip. I wore a black top paired in a denim pencil cut bottom, black shades and to complete the whole look a denim flat platform.

What do you think on my look?

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  1. Love your llo, so prety!!!


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