The Phantom of the Opera

Last September 18, 2012, me and Papang watched Phantom of the opera on the CCP. I ’am so glad that I had a chance to watched it and I want to thank Papang for that, because I ask him when I saw an email from HRD here in the office that the ticket world is offering a big discount and since it’s season final extension I don’t want to miss it. I ask Papang that I can take it as a gift on my birthday and gift for our monthsary because that day we also celebrate our monthsary. We are so amazed in all the scenes and we enjoyed it so much. I had a funny thing did when watching, please don’t laugh at me ok!? I slept that time when Cristine the lead star sang with her beautiful voice, I felt like she sang at me while I’m sleeping plus the venue was so cold hehe sarap matulog super! Papang told me when were about to go home that my sleep was so expensive hahakaloka! But anyways all in all the phantom of the opera is worth watching. Bonga! Oh before I forgot I also love the art works that I saw everywhere in the CCP, I remember that when I was a little kid I’ve been there and it was so classy with its chandelier and red carpets and until now it’s so look almost the same, and eto pa when we have a date, when it comes to picture taking we had no choice but to take a photo on our own that our face are only on the screen, so then there was a couple ask us to take their picture and to back a favour they also take a picture on us too, k palang style un nuh!? Magaya nga minsan, we also saw a couple that asking the lady guard to take their photo so dahil ingetera ako I ask her too nung kame na ang mag papicture sa tarpau ng phantom, kaya medyo blurdy ang ibang picture so pasensya naman po. Hehe

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