Simple Celebration

Last September 23, I had a simple celebration with my family at KFC. For those who don’t and just to share a story when I was a kid I didn’t even have a birthday party as in, when my birthday comes we just go to the restaurant to have a dinner. Simple celebration is enough for me, as you can see I’m with my Papa, Mama, Bf Papang and Ate May (our Neighbour) but when I work at DMCI homes I did experienced to have a birthday salu-salo we celebrate it every month at our department with my co-department and the another one is for all the employees who celebrate their birthday so meaning I have a twice celebration or sometimes trice haha dame nuh!? .  Later soon I will share it to you also. 

Last Sunday I had a time to celebrate with my family with financial and cake sponsor my best friend Apol send a money thru remittance, I also have two cakes one from my Lolo but I don’t have a chance to take a picture of that cake because my nephew Dave was already craving for it lol so he ate almost half of the half roll cake Takaw! Then another one cake is from my Papang.  I’m always thankful for verything so later soon also I will jug down the gifts and thoughts I received from my love ones and friends.

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