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I really love my hair and I always want it to be beautiful. Ever since when I’m in high school, I do color my hair a lot every 6 months then I notice that it damages my hair so I usually go to the salon to have a hot oil treatment but it takes a lot of money so for that day, I use to have a hair dye and hot oil treatment on our house with the help of my parents, but having a hot oil treatment haves another effort right? I’m a working girl and I have no time for a hot oil treatment even it will happen to our home.

BEFORE/ Intense Light Ash Blonde - NOW/ Intense Dark Ash Blonde

It’s good to know that there is a conditioner that can help me to fix my damage hair every day. Its DOVE Intense repair Damage therapy, yes I know I’m too late to tell this to you but I want to make sure that dove can help me haha believe me when I say this! It’s so true, I use this for almost more than 6 months and of course you must believe Dove when they say it’s Intense Repair because you will be amaze that your hair looks like your old natural hair, like there’s no hair nightmare at all. Using Dove makes my hair so smooth, shinny, manageable and damage free.

I’m a Dove girl and I love it

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