Chic Underbed Shoe Organizer

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Who doesn’t love shoes like I do? We all love shoes right?  Then sometimes, I’m in the point that when I’m buying a new shoe I didn’t even think that if there’s any space that I could keep it. I live in a small house with so much stuff like clothes and shoes and I think that is our precious gold lol Yeah honestly speaking our house is just like a closet because we just move last year and were just completing it with some appliances, for now it’s like a bodega but still cute with curtains and some artificial plants everywhere and sometimes like a jungle haha

Ok Let’s talk about my alternatives to organize my shoes, like I’ve said I live in a small house so meaning I have a small space to keep it safe and of course not to worry that it might be deform in some reasons. I saw that Avon Philippines is selling this super chic shoe organizer and you can keep your shoes up to 18 pairs, is that sounds good?  When I saw this cute stuff I didn’t even think twice to buy it because First I really love the zebra pink design and Second it might going to help me to organize my favourite shoes.

Then when I get this cool stuff, I was really excited to use it so I choose some of my shoes that I want to keep the details and designs because I really love them because of it and I want to keep it away on deforming. This shoe organizer really helps me to keep my shoes also on dust and it’s so manageable and you can place it under your bed.

Less Worries and Less Space. Only for P399.00


  1. One piece of this is just counting how many shoes you have to make sure that you buy a closet shoe organizer that will actually fit all of the shoes that you have.

  2. I love this post! It is very hard to find a shoe organizer here in the Philippines, I've been looking for it for over a year. Luckily I found one at goods.ph for an affordable price. I used it as a storage for my collection of sneakers. Thank you very much for this wonderful post!


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