Please Pray for the Philippines

I extend my prayers to those people who are affected in this bad calamity. I know prayers is more powerful than anything else and I believe only god can stop this and that is called miracle. This kind of calamity makes us strong and most of the times we called it trials in our life but this is the way of God to call upon his name and for us people be a blessing for someone who will be needing our help and we called it here in the Philippines “Bayanihan”  

This kind of calamity is not our first time as far as I know here in the Philippines maximum of 19 storms may come here in our country. Last 2009 there was a storm called Ondoy this storm leaves us wounds and trauma that every time the storm comes we still thinks that this will flash us all away with the winds and floods. I know all Filipinos have fear in their hearts until now.

I and my family are very thankful and fortunate because we just stayed in our house where we are safe and sound. I really hope that all of you are not affected and please keep safe

Some of the news about calamity here in the Philippines you can see it HERE.


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