Outfit for rainy days

The weather here in the Philippines is Rainy day so I guess some of you living here having a hard time to wear clothes that you want but for me this is not a problem because I know us girls can do everything just for the sake of being in love on clothes (I hope it just wasn’t me all alone) haha

This kind of weather I use to wear a Semi-Denim/leather blazer; ¾ top; Leather skirt; Leather bag and a wedge rainy platform. I wore these clothes so that if the rain touches my skin it will flow at least in my clothes this is my alternative than to wear rain coat and rain boots har har! But it’s still fashionable right?

What do you think on my look, is it cool?  How about you sweety? How did you dress up yourself when still rainy outside are you still a fashionista? I hope you can join me and share your look it can be an inspiration to everyone; you can click it HERE

Top from Old Navy; Blazer from Thrift shop; Bottom from Thrift shop; Diy Bag; Rain Wedge Platform from Jessica shoes

Be safe guys Love lots



  1. Your leather skirt is super cool! Of course we can follow each other, I'm now following you, hope you follow back soon <3


  2. Love the colors of your top and your skirt
    would love for you to check out my new post



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