MC Donald's

I used to have a part time job when I ‘am in college. I worked at Mc Donald’s as a crew and I was assigned as a cashier. Working in fast food chain while studying is so challenging because this job helps me to prove something that I can do two things at the same time, I usually go to school at afternoon then I work after. The reason I want to work in a food chain when I was in college because I want to have an extra income  and because I was taking a course of bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant management so I think it would be a help if I have an experienced in working in a restaurant. I worked there in 3 years then when I graduated I use to work at the call center as a call center representative and guess what?  I worked also in Mc Donald’s hehe. They said I love working at Mc Donald’s because I worked there for years, Tamang tama nga ang Love ko’to slogan nila sakin eh haha.
This is me when I was working in Mc Donalds I had a braces pa there hehe Neneng-nene pa ako dyan!
I like the new uniform of Mc Donald’s and the transformation of their store’s, love it I hope I had her uniform too hehe
Until now even I’m not working there I’m still in love with their foods specially their chicken with garlic rice I used to have this meal when I’m in morning the duty at Mc Donald’s, I love their breakfast but since my favourite food is chicken I always have that meal “1pc chicken w/ garlic rice” not the usual meal like it supposed to be as 1pc chicken w/plain rice hehe its just for me malakas ako sa kitchen eh, I hope you can try it too it’s so yummy promise.

Yesterday, I was craving for their chicken and garlic rice, so I ask my mom if we can have a breakfast at Mc Donald’s, I already told her that I just want their garlic rice hehe so we need to have an extra order for it hehe Antakaw! lang  dami tuloy namen rice hehe, then when we almost finish I ask her that I want have a hotcake, because I love their hotcakes especially when it’s hot well they always serve it hot. We are almost full that time super pak! Our Sunday then we go to the church in full charge

We’re eating “1pc chicken w/ garlic rice”

Second round we’re eating “Hotcakes”

How about you guys? What is your favourite meal at Mc Donalds?

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