Makes me complete

Job is one of the best things ever. I love working not because I earn money but it’s one of the reason but because it makes me complete. I love to work, go home tired and sleep likes an ever ending story why I said that? Because it all worth its when you are tired because of work. Haha

Oops I’m not saying this to have a salary increase once my boss drop by here in my blog haha I’m saying this because I’m so grateful because not all people have a job right? I love my job and I work hard for it and I never get tired of it because Im not like other’s who is fickle minded when they don’t like their new work  or their  job but “Hey! There’s no easy job in this world” Once you are hired in your new job, you must stay and make yourself have a new knowledge “Kaya nga walang nagtatagal na empleyado sa isang kompanya dahil sa pabago-bago ng isip eh”

So if you have a job? Means you are fortunate because over a hundred unemployed, you are one of the hundred who are employed. Love your job because not all jobs will love you.

Happy Wednesday

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