Korean spot noodles

Last few weeks, I and Papang are off to work because we need to go in the hospital for check-up hey it’s not because I’m sick or pregnant ok!? Baka kasi magisip kayo dyan uunahan ko na kayo haha Then we go to mall because Papang wants to go in the Korean mini mart, as we know there are many Korean mart here in the Philippines and even we Filipinos love their food. I have a quick story about this noodle.

Actually I don’t want to buy anything in this mart but I’m so hungry that time then Papang wants to buy any of their product walang pampam lang sya hehe then we scroll around the mini-mart then I notice that someone is following us aun naman pala ung katiwala ng Korean owner we don’t know why she following us eh medyo naiilang kasi naman hello? Mukha ba kaming magnanakaw? Then every step we had I told Papang that I want to eat the noodle as in now na wala lang hehe while the katiwala is following us. Then when we are paying it I’m still asking Papang that I’m hungry and I want to eat that na, then the katiwala heard it she ask me if I want to eat the noodle I replied yes then she told us that she can gave us a hot water but Papang refuse and said na wala tayong fork sa office na then the katiwala replied we have a free chopsticks oks ba sainyo un then I’m smiling and said ah yes yes we know how to use that. So meaning she pour a hot water inside the noodle while were waiting and after 3 minutes she serve it with the free chopsticks actually the hot water is free also. I’m so happy that time because not all katiwala’s and mini mart do it naks!...

Papang joked at me “oi oh pinagsilbihan ka pa nya oh!? Iba ka ah? May nauto ka oh haha” eh kahit ano pa sabihin ni Papang sakin basta masaya ako nun. Did you see it on my wide mouth? While eating the noodles?

How about you guys, Do love Korean food too?


  1. I love Korean food! I always go out for all you can eat Korean BBQ with my friends :)


  2. awesome :)
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#35

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

  3. thanks for the love honey, I'm following you now, don't forget to follow back :)
    and i love noodles like that too!

  4. I love to try different food and I'm a big noodle lover! <3
    Love your blog sweetie :**



  5. Hi Sasa following you now! Hoping for you to follow back! Xx

  6. Looks so yummy : )
    I'm now following your blog, I hope you could stop by mine and follow back if you like it x x



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