Formal Attire

Hi Guys, how are you long time no see huh?! Hihi I miss blogging so much, I’m kind of busy in so many things even thou there’s a long weekend last week harsh! I don’t know but I’m so bitin in that long weekend haha so it’s good to know that there’s another long weekend yipeey! So I guess I will blog a lot for day’s haha

Writing a blog is so fun to do and for me it’s like a hobby that I can’t resist so if there’s a time I don’t use to blog I felt I have so many backlogs haha I think I’m so addicted to it right? So guys how did you spend your long weekend? Coz I spend my long weekend in our house just resting and enjoying it but I felt I just wasting it with nothing  , so this coming long weekend I think and I’m hoping to do some stuff that makes my long weekend worth.

Anyways, about my look it’s so formal right?  Every Sunday we always used to go to the church so I need to wear formal attire. If you’re asking about my top if it’s itchy because on the lace, I must say no as in NO it’s so comfy to wear but I’m not sure what kind of fabric I was wearing haha basta un na un.

Have a long weekend Again xoxo


  1. Love the outfit, it's gorgeous. Black and white is wonderful! Thanks for the comment, sure we can follow each other...am following now :) Have a great weekend x

  2. Hello sasa, thanks for visiting my blog! :) WOuld love to follow each other, where's ur GFC button? Let me know dear :)


  3. Wish I could pull off a long skirt as nice as you do! :) Enjoy the long weekend!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) God bless!

  4. Am following along too doll, thanks for following back :)) Hope you enjoy the weekend xx

  5. Great chic look! Of course we can follow each other. Let me know when you follow so I can do the same right away!


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