Water Lily Gowns

Can you believe it these gowns are from water lily? Because when I first saw this I just can’t stop myself from being amaze for the Filipinos who did this.  I’m so proud to be a Filipino because more Filipinos are talented and know how to produce this kind of thing, to think about it this water lily is just a plant that can cause flood in the creek when the storm comes and you can see it HERE how this water lily cause a massive flooding, but see how Filipinos did, they recycle it to produce things that can be helpful to everyone and not to harm the nature because they believe this serious problem can be a profitable crop, you can read the article HERE how they  make this a agribusiness.

Candidates for the Miss Water Lily pageant pose in their gowns, made from dried water lily stalks, during the Water Lily Festival in Las Pinas city, south of Manila July 19, 2012. The water Lily festival aims to promote the water hyacinth-based livelihood enterprise. Residents harvest water hyacinths and dry the stalks, which become raw material for producing baskets, trays, slippers and other functional and ornamental items.

Actually this one is i really like the most! pero parang ang bigat! haha☺

Do you want to try to wear this gowns? 

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