Mom's Fashion sense - Gray raffles

This is what my mom wore last Sunday. She loves raffles very much and she ask me to take a picture of her. I have a short story it.

My Aunt asks me why I need to take her a picture:

Aunt: Saraih, bakit kalian pa kayo mag picture?

Me: Eh sabi ni mama

Aunt: Pining bakit k aba nagpapapicture? Eh kakain lang naman tayo eh!

Mama: Eh mag ba-blog kasi ako

Me/ Aunt: Laugh☺ cool☺

Ayun oh! Si mama daw mag ba-blog din? Haha cool! You know what my mom is super genius of finding clothes and she even know how to make clothes and bag’s kaya sa tingin ko sa mga hilig nyang eto eh she want lang to share sa mga mom na nasa bahay na maging hobby nila to.

I’m actually made a blog for her but she didn’t make a post so it’s useless haha pero baka bumebwela pa sya.

O sya! Baboosh!


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