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This blog is contains my views, interest, story about me and more of loving skirts. I know not all of you wear a long skirts like me but I always want you to see that wearing skirt is fashionable too thou here in the Philippines before and even  now sometimes someone called me “Manang” So what who cares! Joke! Some of you know why I’m wearing skirt everyday but not all of you knew why I’m wearing skirts everyday it’s just because in our religion we need to obey the will of God. Oops! I’m not telling something wrong or bad to the other’s belief but let me tell you this thing’s. Usapang Relihiyon muna atech!

Here’s the verse which God said about the holiness of wearing clothes.

 Deuteronomy 22:5 the woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

I read an article which is related to my topic and you can read it HERE, and my eye’s caught these paragraphs.

“Cross dressing is one of the devil’s clever moves to advance the "women’s liberation movement" and to obscure the Biblical distinction between man and woman. "Unisex clothing" began to show up in the factories during WWII when women first started wearing slacks. At the same time: short hair, cigarettes, swearing became acceptable feminine behavior. Down that same path has come to Abortion, Divorce, Single Parent homes, extreme feminism. “
“Some people want to ignore verses like Deuteronomy 22:5 because it is listed in the Old Testament and they say it is not expressed in the New Testament. But if we look at the reference book Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (printed over one hundred years before women wore pants) we see that it cross references Deuteronomy 22:5 to 1 Corinthians 11:3-14. That proves that men that study the Bible, not just in our day but years ago, have seen that 1 Corinthians 11 contains the same principle that is stated in “Deuteronomy 22:5.

Thank God now a day’s fashion doesn’t discriminate the long skirts, wearing long skirt are already in fashion. I’m not sick and tired of wearing skirts everyday, I just use this skirt’s as my everyday living I mean yes it’s more than na nakakasawa thing pero if know how to dress yourself with an unique fashion sense kahit araw-araw ka pang naka skirt it’s up to you how you spice up your clothes na minsan someone doesn’t notice you wear the same clothes as last week hehe, find some new and current trends then be like them even not totally look like them right? Hehe. Ako kasi being a long skirt lady ayaw ko naman din kasawaan ang itsura ko so i need to blend myself in different looks para Masaya

Hey! Yohooo! Girls like me who wear’s skirt specially to my church mate’s I know  you have the same taste like mine and to tell you what guys na hindi ko ka church mate halos karamihan sa mga ka church ko mga fashionista Oi! Thanks sa mga bumibili sa Mom ko haha! Ayon pala un eh noh! Well that’s true, it doesn’t matter how long your skirt was kahit halos nilalampaso mo na ang sahig eh ano ngayon eh maganda naman ang damit mo at maganda kang magdala ng damit. So sa mga nagttaka kung bakit ako lagi naka skirt you know na hehe..

Yes I look like Manang (an old lady) but I ‘am proud to obey what God’s will. Although someone’s telling me that hindi ko naman maiaalis yun sakanila, and then I wanted to thank the people out there who are appreciating my fashion sense na hindi nakikita ung kakaibhan ko saknila na lagi nag papant’s or shorts.

I’m not telling this dahil parang nagmamalinis ako, na parang 100% akong sumusunod, and yes I tried to wore pant’s and short and to tell you the truth I’m not comfortable naiinitan kasi ako eh siguro baka god let me to feel the hot feeling in the hell haha but I tried my very best to obey God’s want,..

Again I’m not telling this for you to think that I’m bad or what so ever, I’m not against to your different belief’s or questioning it I’m just telling my story.

Alright sweeties! Thanks for reading till next time. Mwah!  



  1. Sasa, Thank you for A God Given Conviction on how to dress. People who really do not have an ongoing Relationship With The Lord are blinded to the things you spoke of ( II Corinthians 4 v 4). You were not judgemental? Either, just expressing your views as you said...
    God Bless you Girl.

    Tito Rick and Auntie Phenn....

    1. Thank you tito rick, thanks god coz he gave me a chance to tell the gospel in my simple way through blogging. God bless you too tito and tita...

  2. love the double green! so very pretty =)

    xx james

  3. i just love a beautiful and flowy maxi skirt like yours!

    toni pino-oca
    perfumed red shoes


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