How to Get Rid Of Acne

Do you have an acne or pimple problems like me?

I used to have pimples when I’m going to High school it’s my first of everything Ooops! Not everything as in, what I mean is first time of being a teen ager naks! In these first times I used to be conscious every time when I have a monthly menstruation with pimples and I don’t like when it comes, but that time I used several things to keep it away so when I go to college and its ok to use make ups and of course a cream to prevent pimples I used a Chinese product and I get what I want that time to have a smooth face, yes its effective sabi nga nila hiyang hiyang lang but that hiyang hiyang is not permanent to me maybe it’s my fault anyways kasi paiba iba din ako ng ginagamit.

Now, I don’t put or use any make up on my face and it was so sad because I love cosmetics grrrhhh! I feel so envy with someone who had a smooth beautiful face because I already lost it god! I promise to myself to bring back it back so I asked my friends who has a beautiful face haha syempre kanino pa ba ako magtatanong diba?

So one of my colleagues thought me to use a natural way to keep away my pimples and its oatmeal and fresh milk sounds sticky on the face nuh? Hehe yes but this is so matipid pak sa budget and it’s so smooth after I did it.
The easy steps:
First you mix the oatmeal and the fresh milk on the bowl even a small bowl

Second put it on the affected area on your face

Third rinse it with water

Fourth use a moisturizer

Voila smooth face!

I really love when my Papa putting this oatmeal on my face, YES it’s my father and he knows how to put this oats on my face and actually he knows how to cut my hair too haha
So back to my story I also use Salicylic Acid it’s kind of hurt but it’s up to you if you want to try it and if you have a high tolerance in pain. I used this when I go to bed and my mom is the one who put this on my face at napapasipa talaga ako sa hapdi mga 1 minute lang naman so after matutulog na ako nangangati naman sya so you must have patience when you try this and when you wake up you will see the peeling on the affected area on your face.
The easy steps:
First grab a cotton buds

Second put a little drop on the cotton buds

Third slowly wipe it on the affected area on your face

You will see if that is effective when it’s peeling.

 The following steps will help you get rid of acne once and for all.

1. Home Remedies
Household ingredients often provide effective methods to get rid of acne. Here are some simple remedies which require little time and inexpensive ingredients to provide a long-lasting effect.
a. Aspirin Mask
Crush some aspirin tablets onto a plate and make a smooth paste by mixing it with some water. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it overnight to dry. Wash off with cold water in the morning. The antibacterial properties of aspirin will help in destroying the acne, dissipating the redness and reducing the swelling.
b. Toothpaste
Applying toothpaste is the easiest fix to get rid of unsightly pimples. While you brush your teeth at night, dab a generous amount of toothpaste on the affected areas. The menthol and fluoride contained in toothpastes will draw out excessive oils and dry out the pimple. You will wake up to a fresh and glowing skin in the morning. This method does not apply for people with dry skin.
c. Beauty Mask
Regular exposure to pollution causes dirt to accumulate within the pores of the skin. The following mask will help you keep a squeaky clean skin and minimise the occurrence of acne in the long run. Mix a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, Fuller’s Earth, Rice Powder with rose water and apply it all over your face and allow it to remain for 10-15 minutes. Gently exfoliate the skin using your fingers, to rub the moist mask in a gentle circular motion, before washing it off with cold water. Your skin would feel soft and supple.
2. Medical Remedies
For those who believe in faster response time of medicines, here are some remedies to look for:
a. Salicylic Acid
Salicylic acid successfully cuts through the dirt accumulation to leave you with clearer skin. Acne essentially being an inflammation containing a combination of keratin and sebum stands no chance against the acidic keratolytic quality of salicylic acid. Opting for products containing salicylic acid as their active ingredient will be extremely helpful.
b. Benzyol Perioxide
This chemical is helpful for eliminating the more persistent and aggressively-spreading acne. Using products containing benzyol perioxide as their active ingredient will result in lesser acne. In this regard, smooth skin will come at the cost of irritation, dryness and red patches. The component, although effective in getting rid of acne, contains a bleaching agent that tends to burn the outer layer of the skin if used without discretion. Moreover, this tends to make the skin susceptible to the UV rays of the sun and easily causes sunburns.
c. Triclosan
An active ingredient in products like Neutrogena and Clean n Clear, it is less effective that benzyol perioxide, but infinitely gentler on the skin.
Following these methods will help you get rid of the most stubborn forms of acne. However, if your symptoms persist, consult a dermatologist at the earliest.

Try it girls♥

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