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Did you ever have a problem with your under arms because its dark and have’s a chicken skin after plucking? I was having this problem since I was in college my under arm gets have a chicken skin and it was hard for me to wear a sleeve less or anything that can see my under arms. I’m using before a potassium alum also known as TAWAS here in the Philippines because my mom believing the natural effect of using it, yes she’s right it’s good in whitening but my main problem is the chicken skin which is I really don’t like using TAWAS is the natural way to maintain your under arm for being white but this is just an alternative but effective way, So the another way for preventing the chicken skin you must seeking for a deodorant can help us to keep away it away.

One day I’ve heard my colleagues talking about Deodorant, and I’m so curious about it because the price of this Deo is P357.00, I’m just thinking why this Deo is expensive but yet they love the results and what is the real effect of using it. Actually, at first I don’t want to buy one of it because compare to the other Deo it is more expensive that the other. I just think that maybe the effect of the Tawas is just the same as the Aloe ever and maybe the size of that is just small and it will last just a month. I’m afraid to regret someday because I’m the kind of person that is hard to please mostly about the products that will apply to my skin, but I just tried to buy one because my colleague told me that I must try it because it have’s no any chemicals that can cause harm in my under arm, it contains all natural and kasi wala naman daw mawawala.

After I order it last January, I must tell I was shock because the deodorant stick package is big not small which I expected and my colleague told me that it will last for 3 to 6 months of using it, believe me or not this July is my 6th month but still I have it, then I told it to her she said the maximum of using it is up to 9 months Oh my gosh is too long and to  think of it I will save a lot of money for not buying a Deo monthly right? So I told to myself this Deo is suit for a kuripot like me haha

The result of using this Aloe ever is such an amazing which is happens to my under arm and believe me when I said it this is so true my under arms gets the white that I wanted and my major problem THE CHICKEN SKIN is already disappear. Actually, I’m not the only person who notice it even my friend’s notice it and my mom? She loves it too. My Pap is also using it because he has sensitive skin. This aloe ever is good for sensitive skin because my Pap told me that the allergy he has is already gone. You can even try to use to your body with dark skin or to your sweaty feet, yes it’s gradual but it’s alright! at least you will get the result you always wanted the result that you will love.

You must try it like I did! Go Go Go!!!

Some FAQ about ALoe Ever:

Aloe Ever-Shield Deo, art. no. 67, is a very popular, practical deo stick with good texture, which is very easy to apply. It is also hypoallergenic and tolerated by even the most sensitive skin.

The deo contains soothing aloe vera gel and can be applied directly after washing, shaving and waxing without stinging the skin.
Does not contain aluminiumschlorid and perfume. Has a subtle, natural scent and as an extra bonus it gives no white spots on dark clothes. The Deo stick can be recommended for both teenagers, women and men.

Also for sweaty feet and elsewhere on the body where sweat can provide irritation, redness and other problems.
Aloe Ever-Shield Deo from Forever Living Products can be useful preventive for sweaty feet, sweaty hands, and between the thighs and under breasts.

Finally, the deodorant is very economical in use and lasts long.



  1. Where can I buy this one girl? Is this available in the leading super market or drugstores?

    1. Hi Ate Kai, i bought mine lang kasi sa ka-officemate ko.. but i think if may kakilala kang nagbebenta ng forever living products meron sila nun.☺


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