This day was the super haggardness ever  and I hate living in the south I must say this because It’s so traffic and as a commuter I can’t hardly believe that some of the Jeepney drivers are having a lazy mood para pasakayin kame grrr!, and there’s no available vehicle .Maybe because it’s first day of school.

Old Polo Top
Leaving in the south is a quite sacrifice I might say, this past few months there was a bridge renovation in the part of Bonifacio C5 and it’s too hard to go home even late at night. Actually my time going to office is 30-45 minutes only but when I go home it takes 1-2 hours. I’m so tired going home then when I think the traffic I don’t want to go home and move to another place hehe

No label Vest
I came late at the office our office hour starts at 8am and I arrived at 9:30 thankfully there was a bus going to Magallanes plus I’m not alone hehe hindi lang ako ang late kala nyo naman dyan haha ayaw ko ngang magsolosa awa ng diyos nakarating din kame sa office.

Bottom from Thrift shop
I don’t want to experience that again please!!!…hehe Ok change mood keep away the negatives things…

Platform from Elegance

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