Simple Red brown Dots

Are you a Jeepney commuter like me?  If you are, what do you always do inside when it haves a traffic? Of course to stare all the people inside as in every single move they take right? Hehe… Actually last morning I go out in our house at 7am then even I’m super early that time hindi ako nakaiwas sa malupit na traffic sa service road hay grabe haha… so while the jeepney stop I look at the person beside me eh kasi naman nag he-head bang, ang nakaka tawa pa neto he looks totally rakista naman head to toe but hes hearing a love naman naloka ako sakanya haha… naka earphone pero rinig ko.. nakakaloka sya. Then I was sleepy co’z its so early diba? So I;m attempting to sleep then I saw a girl who has a super red lipstick at pwede na ang face pero naloka ako sa mga hayop sa buhok nya as in ang dami nyang lisa hindi ko sya katabi isang tao lang pagitan namen at nangati ang ulo ko nun haha… napa-ranoid lang agad! (agad-agad) hehe… ewan ko ba? Ang dami ko napapansin kapag nagkakatrafic super nawawala ang antok ko eh hehe…

Anyways here’s what I wore today:

 This is my working area na medyo magulo hehe.. pasensya! kakalipat ko palang ng pwesto ng mga gamit ko kasi hindi ako mapakali at my candy rapper pa pala sa baba heheh.....

Top from A&F

Belt from Dress Me Up Clothing

Bottom from Mom's Supplier (No Label)

Guys Dont forgt to bring your umbrella's Good Night!


  1. This outfit suits you well. And I really really like your skirt here. Very preppy and comfy. Parang it really reflects your personality. I'm starting to enjoying tuning into your blog. :) Keep on blogging girlah!

  2. Great skirt!


    Kisses from Italy



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