Simple One

My Mood for the week is to wear a long skirt in the office. Well I already use to wear it when Sunday’s in the church because we need to do so. At least now I’m doing this in the office also because just like you see in my post pictures I always wear skirts which are below the knee. I just want to make a difference but I always stick in my mood. This long maxi skirt is so comfortable I love the silky feeling so much.

Did you notice my look here? Do I look sick? Because last Monday just like I’ve said in my recent post I have an LBM and I can’t go to the office that time so last Tuesday I decided to go because I feel I’m ok already.

How are your week guys?

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  1. this post is making me want to buy a black maxi skirt like yours!

    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

    toni pino-oca
    perfumed red shoes


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