Hi guys.. watsup long time no see huh! I miss you… Anyways what did you do last Friday before weekends?  Me of course I go to the church and expecting there’s no different thing would happen at the end of the day, I go out early in the office to go in the church and that time I was so sleepy so I ride in a bus with Papang so that I would be a long journey haha (Parang province lang ang pupuntahan). While sleeping my phone rungs so loud as in, think of you are in the back of the bus and your phone ring that loud and all the people on the front are looking at you hind bat nakakahiya un haha!. Ok let me teel you a story about that caller na gumising sa katawang lupa ko, It was a call center agent from a known network telling me that my plan is disconnected already which is that plan I purchase in that network is already not mine but yes it was on my name but my friend owned it already but that caller told me that they had onetime payment on my account and if I will pay the dues they will forward it to legal and they block my name Gosh! so I’m so shock because I don’t know about that and my friend doesn’t told about it so I told her that I’m not the person who she needs to talk because it wasn’t me and I told her that I will tell it to my friend right away, so un I call imee my friend/officemate I ask her if she pay he monthly payment there, she told me that she had a one month late for paying it and right after that they cut her line with no signal no load as in walang kwenta BUT BUT BUT still the monthly amount runs until last month nanlaki ung mata as in sa inis in that network caller told us we must know it because that is in the contract but we laugh at her kasi I’m not suppose to rad it basta pirma lang ako ng pirma haha! So does my friend too hehe. My point is if that indicates to your contract I hope your contract will added this “if cut the line (as in no signal no load meaning no sense at all)l of the person who are late to pay her dues you must cut also the running dues” there’s no difference in corruption yes we feel were corrupted. Why I’m saying this? Because it’s only a one time then there’s no chance? And they want us to pay it right away as in bukas na ganun ganun lang? mayaman? PBB Teens? Omagosh! Do you how much is it its 8K Tas bukas na agad, it’s not hard to pay that if my friend enjoyed that Plan I purchase but isn’t right? So for me if I’m in her foot I wouldn’t pay that right away. The caller was so kulit as in she called us many times and I’m so angry with her because she refuses us to pay that dues which is not right from February up to last month with no signal and load why should we pay that huh!? I know I’m so mean telling this and I know in some reason I have faults and friend have but that’s not fair right!.
I promise to myself not to take a postpaid plan if you are not sure because when I planning to have it I’m not 100% sure so I give it to my friend after I get it. That night I was super sleepy kaso nawala dahil dun.

Anyways here’s what I wore last Friday:

Top from Lee/ Belt from Dress Me Up Clothing

Old skirt from Dress Me Up Clothing

I don’t like my facial expressions here but I’m sorry it’s too sunny and breezy outside hehe but tween told me that may pinaghuhugutan daw ako nyan haha! So un nga nagkaron afterwards.

Platform denim from Anya's Collection

Do you experience this also guys?

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