Once Upon A Sun(ny) Day

Do you feel the rain with the wind last Sunday? For now I love the weather maybe because last summer was so hot right? I hope the weather stays as that hehe
My Top and Bottom are from thrift shop and I know some of you don’t notice that haha I hope! But it doesn’t matter to me if I wore thrift clothes I know you knew it naman. I love my mom for being super patient looking this kind of unique clothes. LooveLove
 I love my new overlap high low skirt; I love how the different colors around it and the flowers design

I love my new top also because it’s so simple but I love the lace at the back because it’s not itchy because usually my mom knows that I don’t wear lace clothes because some of that are itchy hehe the funny thing is my mom wants me to wear sleeve less like a underwear (sando) because you know moms are conservative like hehe

I bought my detachable collar last Sunday in Cubao I just saw it after we ate our breakfast, and actually it’s not in my plan to wear it but I think it will pair in my outfit

Detachable Collar from Girl Shoppe

Top from Thrift Shop

Bottom from Thrift Shop

Platform from Parisian Shoes

How about you? do you like the weather last Sunday?

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