A letter to my loving pap♥

My father have’s 3 wives, yes he is and he had 4 children and I’m his only daughter to my mom. This kind of situation is not new to us now days. I’ve notice that my Pap is so responsible he never let me feel that were on the broken family thou were not but it seems to be it. He always tries his best to be with us to show his love being a father. I remember when I had my first heart break Pap was there, I was lying my head to his lap while touching my hair saying “it’s alright baby, don’t worry someday you will find someone na mamahalin ka ng higit sa pagmamahal mo na kagaya ng pagmamahal namen sayo ng mama mo” That day I just felt I don’t need someone to love me because my parents is enough but he is right he always be right that was my father is, I cried out loud that time but Pap was there to comfort me. Pap is a good listener and adviser, he always listen to my stories and he always give me some advice. Pap is not perfect but he tried to be a perfect father to us. For someone who questions the situation of our family “my Pap” they will see my father as not perfect or even worse as a sinner. God have’s a purpose why this kind give this kind of problem to my Pap, because god knows he can do it with him. For me, I never and I don’t want to think that Pap is a sinner, because I believed everyone can make a mistake and everyone can change their life but in the case of Pap this kind of sin is permanent and he can’t never bring back the past to change it so he did he accepts everything he face it like a true man, he takes all the responsibility of being a father he don’t run like a coward person. I thank god that he forgives Pap for what he does, he accept him, he cleans his heart and wipe all the sins he did I know that god is letting all this for my Pap be strong and to seek god’s presence to move to his life.

Pap, I love you very much no matter what life may bring to us I will be your good daughter, I will understand you in any situation you had, I will accept for who you are even what other people will say bad things to you I will be here to protect you. I will love and cherish you for the rest of my life. Happy Father’s Papa 


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  1. Your so sweet, I wish Dad was also as responsible as your dad although my dad is used to be as good as your dad once upon a time,still hoping that one day he will be back on the right track.

    Happy Father's Day to your Papa!!!

    Stay as sweet daughter as you are sasa. :)


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