The Garage Sale Bow!

Hi guys, do you remember the reason why I’m kind of busy? If you’re reading my blog quite sometimes you knew my shortest addiction this past few days hehe, its Garage sale here in the office. Our office offers us to buy the old stuff from our model units and some of this is sequestered things from our clients hey! This legal ok! They offer it in a low and right price so bongels talaga eto haha. Buying this stuff are first come first bought basis and they allow 5 persons to go inside the venue and it will takes 15 minutes but the good thing is you can go there again and again unlimited ba?! Hehe

So here’s what I bought:

Rattan Seat for only P50.00 each

Rattan Basket for only P100.00

Semi Rattan for only P100.00

Lampshade for only P150.00

Ceiling light for only P150.00

Frame's for only (wood-P20.00; Silver-P100.00)

Frame stand for only P20.00

Cup Holder for only P50.00

Wood board for only P10.00.

Mug wood set for only P20.00

Frost potpourri for only P50.00; Basket for only P10.00

Basket for only P50.00

Wood stuff for only P20.00 each

Wood Place-mat set for only P10.00

Rattan Basket for only P50.00

Jivago Perfume for only P30.00

Scented candles for only P50.00

Small Mug Plateset for only P5.00
Curtain Rob for only P100.00

Hand wash and Lotion for only P50.00

This is for only P10.00

Do you think its many? Me too haha and if you’re asking me how many times I go there I think 5-6 times haha I’m not addict ok! Hehe I just love rattan and wood stuff nasimulan kasieh kaya un tuloy-tuloy na...

How about you guys? do you love buying old thing? is it ok with you?

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