They said life is a fragile so let’s live like there’s no tomorrow.

Like dressing up, believe this is the last day you had a dress maybe tomorrow you had nothing but your own self. I was born in simple and poor family but my parents keep on buying clothes likes there’s no tomorrow they bought two to five clothes in one shop and most of the time my mom shop at least  10 more times in a month wala kaming pera nyan ah? Haha (in that case we don’t money huh? Haha) .My parents belief’s you dress who you are and people would  know where you came from, they will notice wither you are poor or rich even you dress of gold. Yes we are poor but I dress as good as I can be I always try!, because I want to be presentable and no matter how poor I ‘am. Poverty is not the reason why you’re not dressing up right it’s what you deserve to be respect by someone.  Sometimes I guess it can make an illusion or it can hide what is the real life what you have or you don’t have. A right dressing up can help you build yourself steam. Buying clothes is not always expensive you can always have one in a thrift shop or you can have a new one in dyi-ng it to make it new, and sometimes you can ware it every time but in a different pair like I always do haha…

Actually this top is just a gift from a friend this is so old I was just try to wore it again because maybe I might regret if not because I think it’s really fit me well, then this corduroy skirt is from thrift shop I wasn’t able to wear this also because honestly speaking the last time I ware this top and bottom I was so thin and I think I’m not comfortable in it but now I’m fat I guess haha, I can wear it and it was so fit to my body. I must say these oldies clothes are goodies emmm ammm ayyt? 

Do you have old clothes too? When is the last time you ware it?

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