FAB: Fashion Against Bullying

 Fashion Bullying is true and I’ am totally agree with that. I was being bullied when I was a little kid not just only in the way I dress even on the way I look. My childhood friends bullied me and telling me that I’m ugly well it’s true I’m not beautiful but you can change everything and explore to make yourself beautiful and I believe that all individuals have their own beauty . Then when I grow up there are some people bullied me because in the way I dress up they telling me that I’m like “Manang” means an old women because I wear long skirts and others telling me “Jologs” means not in style they doesn’t want the way I dress they think that I’m weird but who cares this who I’ am and I’m born this way. Love for fashion is helping you to make yourself express your feelings and it’s always reflects of you are. So love yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down make this negative things to make yourself strong because those words is just a words not a stone that makes you hurt in physical thou it can be hurt in your heart but it will heal soon when you realize that you are almost close to perfect.

Last 2nd week of June, FAB team is inviting me to support them and there are so welcome because i really want to support this kind of thing which can help others, because like me I've been bullied and i know i can help to and i believe if you read this  and you are interested to help or support FAB please take a stand.

 If you want to join and to take a stand you are so welcome: Go to Support Fab website 
Coz It doesn't  matter if you are a victim or a witness your inspirational words might help. 

 Contribute your support by posting your look: Contribute a look almost contributors are from Indonesia and We Filipinos can support this to.

Here's my contribution on FAB: Sasa Valencia

Thanks to Fab because they made this thing to encourage everyone who are down and bullied.


  1. what an amazing cause... i'm a huge supporter of anti-bullying in all aspects and this is no exception!

    <3 james

    1. Thanks for your interest to help, i hope you can contribute a post look to their site.

      in Behalf of Fab: Love Sasa♥


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