Chairs and Train

Yesterday, I was not staying at my work area it’s just because I’m quite busy go upstairs, going to another department as in madalang ako makaupo and the garage sale I was telling to you last time, I was there again buying some small stuff’s haha adik lang!  As in napagod ang beauty ko kahapon haha☺

Last morning my mom and I were about to go home, so we ride a train and we got glimpse of sleep because we attend our overnight prayer meeting so meaning we had a lack of sleep. Usually, sa Edsa Rotonda kame bumaba, then it’s because we fall as sleep we didn’t notice were in the Edsa Rotonda station already then I was awake that time seeing the door was open and I saw my mom fall as sleep too then I go to her place where she sets, actually we are in different set so I need to go to her  and I told her that we are in the station and we need to go out before the door close but unfortunately the door are going to close when we got there but it was only me who get out in the train, Yes correct my mom is not with me, do you know what is the feeling of that? I was so worried about my mom that time and I just tell her that I will go to the next station and she needs to wait me. While seeing her and while the train goes I felt that I’m just like a kid with teary eyes. Actually while telling her that I will go to the next station I was beside the guard who is on duty and he sees how I worried about my mom who is not with me when I go out so he ask me to text my mom I told him that I will call him nalang, so I’m calling my mom but my phone’s starting to get off too huhu as in Low battery so when he see that he offers his phone but I said no it’s ok so he said he think I need to go in the next station which is I absolutely want to do, so I ride another train then when I get there in that station I was seeking my mom but she wasn’t there then I check my card to get out in the station I notice that my pass card is with  my mom's bag meaning I’m not able to exit then I ask the guard and told him everything about what happen then he replied that he knows my mom because my mom told him about that, the guard told me that my mom is going where I’am he told me that my mom was about to go down stairs, the guard pass me out then I run and look for my mom but I can’t see her in the street's that time I’m so worried but the good thing is our family friend/old neighbor see me so I have a chance to call my mom  and after that my mom and I see each other at last.


After that experience, we talk and we laugh haha! Kulit namen ng mom ko

Happy Weekends♥ Sweets!

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