Busy Bee

Wensday is quite rainy but thank god it stops so I got a chance to have a get up shoot. If I could give a word about yesterday I call it Quite Wednesday, because 1st  I’m quite lazy to go in the office I just felt it was an extension holiday and I blame it on the independence day last Tuesday haha joke!  2nd I’m quite sleepy because I keep in browsing the internet last Tuesday morning until midnight Kain at ligo lang ang pahinga  3rd when I got to work I’m quite a busy bee, I have so many things to do as in tambak parang isang lingo lang hindi pumasok haha 4th I’m quite busy bee as in taranta lang naman  for choosing stuff ‘s in our garage sale at the office and next time I will share a photo to you when my mom finish to clean those stuff and she will transform it to a new look so check it out hehe and 5th last but not the least I’m quite tired for being a quite busy bee haha!

Here's what i wore last Tuesday:

How do you spend your Tuesday and your after Independence Day?


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