100 things to do before i die

Dying is the saddest thing to happen in our life but it will happen to all of us. While browsing i saw this to one of my friend and it's so cool so i re-blog it and she is good in blogging also you can check it HERE.actually i dunno if she make it or she got it in some site basta i like it even some of it i already done. hehe

  1. Put-up a Business
  2. Go back to School for a 4year diploma.
  3. Get a more skilled course like Bartending, Culinary Arts and Dressmaking.
  4. Setting a buffet party for family and friends all by myself.
  5. Learn to make Dress.
  6. Design a Dress.
  7. Give Thanks to God.
  8. Take each chance to do good deeds.
  9. Make my mom and sister happy.
  10. Witnessing kuya and bea’s success.
  11. Teach Zhab how to dance.
  12. Being able to perform in a crowd.
  13. Dye my hair.
  14. Get him back.
  15. Learn how to Forgive and Forget.
  16. Settle before I turn 30.
  17. Wear a Two piece.
  18. Experience to Work abroad particularly canada and Japan
  19. Save a lot of money.
  20. Work harder with passion and integrity.
  21. Being able to win my dream job.
  22. Put up my dream house.
  23. Being able to experience pajama party.
  24. To travel  around the world with mama and bea.
  25. Explore the philippines with him.
  26. Having Twins.
  27. Be the Best Mom for kid’s eyes.
  28. Experience climbing mountain.
  29. Witness my best friends to settle down.
  30. Become a bridesmaid to jen, ira, chelle, len’s wedding. :)
  31. Cruise line vacation with family and him.
  32. Inspired people.
  33. Learn different languages: both local and foreign languages.
  34. Being able to be part of his life.
  35. Encourage him to get back dreaming.
  36. Make him happy
  37. Make mama and kuya proud.
  38. Take care of all them.
  39. Being able to meet all our relatives.
  40. Have a date with yael yuzon.
  41. Perform in a crowd.
  42. Being able wear what ever I want to wear.
  43. Dress up my niece Zhab. :)
  44. Being Trend to twitter. hehehe
  45. Share my blessings to less fortunate.
  46. Teach people most specially the less fortunate how to fish.
  47. Got in to politics if possible.
  48. Experience having curly or wavy hair.
  49. Eat everything I want.
  50. Put up my own  coffeeshop/ bakeshop.
  51. Own signature bags
  52. Stuck up to a private island with him. LOL
  53. Showing him how much he means to me.
  54. Make sure mom is living a comfy life as well as my kids.
  55. Collect lot’s of wacky pictures/ memories.
  56. Make letters for everybody.
  57. Make everybody’s dream come true.
  58. Save money for my kid’s future.
  59. Serenade the one I love.
  60. Be the best God mother to all my friend’s kiddos.
  61. Experience Rural life.
  62. Pray for the people who makes your life miserable.
  63. Find a nice top view place.
  64. Dinner date surrounded by fire flies.
  65. Sing my voice out
  66. Watch a big concert of the year with friends and him.
  67. Total make over with mama.
  68. Spend sometime with mom’s relatives to thank them.
  69. Treat mom’s relative
  70. Make this Blog site popular.
  71. Being able to put together all my relatives, family, friends and loved ones to one occassion.
  72. Throwing a big Birthday party for I haven’t experience Debut.
  73. Owning a Pink customize Car.
  74. Learn how to drive.
  75. Joyride with him. Via Tagaytay or Baguio or Apayao.
  76. Participate in Cosmopolitan. (Do an entry at least 1article)
  77. Having Shampoo Commercial.
  78. Learn how to Draw.
  79. Design my Dream House.
  80. Have jam with popular band.
  81. Pursue my goals.
  82. Get involve with charity works
  83. Visit home for the aged
  84. Conduct a Feeding Program
  85. Learn how to dance salsa.
  86. Enroll to yoga or pilates class.
  87. Encourage my friends to workout.
  88. Conduct a college reunion
  89. Date my first crush.
  90. Meet all my elementary classmates.
  91. Ride in a pedestal with him.
  92. Find a nice souvenir for everyone
  93. Find a nice preppy pajama and pink coffin for burial
  94. Eat lot’s of sweets.
  95. Give everyone a big Hug to thank them for everything.
  96. Jump in a water falls
  97. Go on zip line
  98. Go on rock climbing
  99. Put up my own concert and pretend that I am a popstar  LOL  (childhood dream)
  100. Give him an unforgettable Kiss.


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