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I’m back with a smile and I always know how to smile, if you follow my blog you already knew that I’m in the healing stage of controversy trauma. Thanks to my boyfriend who always know how to make me smile naks! Let me share to you Papang funny side:

During the controversy:

Me: Pang, if there’s someone told you bad things about me would you believe it?

Papang: Hmmm… It depends

Me: Thinking… Why? 

Papang: Ay syempre! Kung ang mama mo ang nagsabi maniniwala ako…

Me: Haha Laugh trip!

After the controversy:

While writing this post I called Papang, asking what we talked about last night and the jokes he told me.
Me: Papang? Ano ba ung joke mo kagabi?

Papang: Ay hindi ko na maalala…

Me: Eh bakit naman kagabi lang un ah?

Papang: Hindi ko na nga din naalala paano ako nakauwe eh…

Me: Laugh…

Papang: Tsaka wag mo na alalahanin kasi para pag naulit ung joke ko tatawa ka parin.

Me: Eh pang? Do you still love me?

Papang: Naman!!! Laki mata

Me: Laugh again!

Anyways here’s what I wore yesterday:

Dress from Love by Design
Belt from Dress Me Up Clothing

Platform from Anya's Collection

For those who don’t know I’m the kind of person who easily laugh even in a little things in short napaka babaw kong tao. Papang always makes me smile he never wanted but iba kasi sya bumanat eh nakakaloka! 

How about you girls do you love to laugh?

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